Murder First Then Slander

Harriet Love Nelson was born tarnished into the ruling society of remote, devout Coltonsville. Finding the attractive young widow murdered in her bed seemed a fittingly titillating finale to her unconventional life.

Then lawmen discover a hundred sets of fingerprints in her bedroom, and rumors of who they might belong to upend the already frenzied town. Even after the case seems to have cooled, a lone detective continues to search, eventually connecting Harriet’s murder to a sprawling gambling and offshore money laundering operation.

Far from resting in peace, Harriet craves a cosmic reckoning to right the wrongs leveled against her. And that’s just what she – and Coltonsville – will get.

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Viki Volk

Firstborn of amateur parents and born nosy. Addicted at an early age to fiction, to stories. Result: habitual reporter, sometimes so employed. Other times employed in pipe dreams and marsh life. Commentary on some of that collected below. First novel due out the end of 2023: "Murder First, Then Slander."

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