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Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers 52

Born a third the way into the 18-year Boom 1952-ers travel just ahead of the crest of the wave.We are the froth …….. and that has made all the difference. (with apologies to Mr. Frost) Baby Boomers 52

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Just before It's Gone

Just Before It’s Gone – Stories of Loss and Gain

 In the last quarter of the 20th century St. Mary’s County Maryland still had outhouses, tobacco farms, fishing villages and plantations. Dozens of skipjacks still visited in the wintertime.     One of the last live radio stations in America carried the only available daily news. There were a couple of traffic signals, a couple of dress […]

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Winter Wolves of Haden County

Winter Wolves of Haden County

Dedicated to Eddie Bailey who said fiction was all I ever wrote Introducing, The Winter Wolves of Haden County…the serialized account of the multi-generational political families running a quadrant of counties in Southern Illinois.     There are 102 counties within the Great State of Illinois, each typically governed  by 29 commissioners .    Within the […]

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